AirMagic S'mores Station

In all the years that we've been putting our stainless-steel Alcohol Fireplace Inserts into water, ice, scenery and set pieces, we've heard the question...

"Can we roast marshmallows with that fire?"

Well, the answer is an unqualified, absolute YES!!!!!

Our beautiful new S'MORES STATIONS feature a 12" stainless steel alcohol-burning Fireplace Insert built into a 16" x 20" maple cutting board. A wooden skirt raises and contains the unit.

One fill will burn for 2 - 3 hours. A mesh insert keeps food from falling into the fuel reservoir.
Using the control-wand tool provided, you can reduce or increase the size of the flame by opening or closing the sliding lid over the flame. Safely extinguish the flame by closing the sliding lid completely.

Standard Weekend Rental

$225.00 + HST

S'more Station Rental Includes..
12" Alcohol-burning Fireplace Insert
16" x 20" Maple cutting board & skirt
4L Denatured fuel
Custom pouring spout
Stainless steel control wand
100 Disposable bamboo skewers
Five-pound fire extinguisher