Fog & Haze

Per Day

Ultratec Dry Icer Dry-Ice Machine $65.00
45-Gallon Dry-Ice Pump Machine $175.00
Dry-Ice Cooler $15.00
Ultratec Premier Fogger $65.00
Ultratec G-3000 Fog Machine $90.00
Chauvet Vesuvio 2 Fog Machine $75.00
$100.00 with Fluid
Look Solutions Tiny Fogger $120.00
Look Solutions Power Tiny Fogger $140.00
Le Maitre Mini Mist Fog Machine $75.00
Ultratec Radiance Hazer $85.00
Le Maitre G300 Hazer $90.00
LSX - INCLUDES Premier Fogger $425.00
LSG - INCLUDES G-3000 (does not include CO2) $450.00
Chiller Module $35.00
Original Submersible “Mist Maker” $25.00
Jumbo 5-Head Submersible "Mist Maker" $50.00
Gigantic 12-Head Submersible "Mist Maker" $75.00


Per Day

Air Cannon w/confetti or streamer barrel $75.00
Triple-Barrel Confetti Cannon $200.00
Chauvet Funfetti Confetti Blower $150.00
Confetti Blizzard (includes 2Lbs of Tissue Confetti) $175.00
Confetti Blizzard (includes 2Lbs of Mixed Tissue/Metallic Confetti) $190.00
The Confetti Blaster
Includes 1 - 20lbs Co2
The Big Blaster
Includes 1 - 50lbs Co2
Hand-Held Streamer or Confetti Gun - includes one shot of tissue confetti or streamers - and 16g Co2 Cartridge $55.00
Hand-Held Streamer or Confetti Gun - includes one shot of metallic confetti or streamers - and 16g Co2 Cartridge $65.00
Triple Hand-Held Streamer or Confetti Gun - includes three shots of tissue confetti or streamers - and three 16g Co2 Cartridge $125.00
Big-Shot Streamer Gun - includes one shot tissue confetti or streamers - 25g Co2 Cartridge $75.00
Big-Shot Streamer Gun - includes one shot mettalic confetti or streamers - 25g Co2 Cartridge $80.00
Confetti Spinner $50.00
Confetti Controller $25.00
Confetti Terminal Box $10.00
CO2 Jet (includes one 20lbs. Siphon Cylinder) $250.00
CO2 Bazooka (includes one high-pressure hose and 20lbs Tank) $120.00
5lbs. CO2 Cylinder $40.00
10 or 20lbs. CO2 Cylinder $60.00
10 or 20lbs CO2 Siphon Cylinder $60.00
20oz CO2 Cylinder $25.00

T-Shirt Guns

Per Day

T-Shirt Gun (includes Two 20oz. CO2 Cylinder) $250.00

Prop Cash

Per Day

Cash Cannon $30.00
Cash Cannon with 2 "Hero" Bundles $80.00
12"x10"x10" $1.6 Million US Money Block $75.00
Hero Bundle - US Prop Currency *Rental $12.50/each
Hero Bundle Bag - US Prop Currency *Rental
Includes 32 Hero Bundles and Bag


Per Day

Bubble Master High Output Bubble Machine $100.00
Chauvet Bubble King Machine $60.00
Chauvet Bubble Machine $35.00


Per Day

Silent Storm Snow Machine $90.00
Snow Trough - 7’ $90.00
Snow Drop - 50’ $400.00/week


Per Day

Super Foam Dome $400.00
Sno Max Foam Machine $125.00

Small Fountains

Per Day

Kidney Shaped 2'x4' Pool
Incl. Pump and Light for Fountain
Round 39"x12" Pool
Incl. Pump and Light for Fountain


Per Day

Scent Master $80.00
Scent Cartridge *Purchase Only $240.00

Balloon Equipment

Per Day

Balloon Pump $35.00


Per Day

1 HP - 5100 CFM - 14 amps
22" diameter x 24" long
1/3 HP - 2000 CFM - 4 amps
14.5" diameter x 14" long
1-HP Snail Fan w/Cradle $75.00
Honeywell Fan $40.00
Vornado Fan $25.00


Per Day

Strobe Light $50.00


Per Day

Police Beacon(Single Bulb) w/C-Clamp $25.00
Police Beacon(Double Bulb) w/Floor Base $30.00

Mirror Balls

Per Day

Mirror Ball - 12”
with motor
Mirror Ball - 16”
with motor
Mirror Ball - 24”
with motor
3rpm Motor (Max Load: 12” Mirror Ball) $15.00
1.5rpm Motor (Max Load: 16” Mirror Ball) $15.00
Heavy Duty DMX Motor $30.00
Heavy Duty Motor (60kg Rated) $40.00
Pin Spot $20.00

Artificial Flame

Per Day

Ultratec Le Flame with bowl $80.00
Ultratec Le Flame on a Six Foot Stand $100.00
Olympic Flame with pedestal $150.00
Enferno Flame - 24" wide $90.00
Red Flame 4’x12" $75.00

Live Flame

Per Day

Ultratec Le Torcia Self-Lighting Butane Torch $90.00
Propane Flame P.O.R
Fire Pit w/Cover $100.00

Pyrotechnics Hardware

Per Day

Le Maitre 6-Circuit Control Console $25.00
PyroPak 3-Circuit Control Console $35.00
PyroPak 6-Circuit Control Console $40.00
PyroPak 12-Circuit Control Console $50.00
PyroPak 18-Circuit Control Console $75.00
Pyropak II Air Burst System $175.00
Flash Pot - Gerb Fan - Flame Projector, Concussion Mortar, Sparkle Pot and Coliseum Pot $15.00
PyroPak 3-Circuit Airburst Box $20.00


Per Day

Xenon Searchlights
One 1000 Watt Searchlight $325.00
Two 1000 Watt Searchlight $550.00

Pyro & Flammables


Hand-Held Gerb Wand $100.00
New - Pyroflash Conversion Kit $100.00
- Ultratec Gerbs come Prematched with 36" Matches -
Ultratec Silver Gerbs 3x6,6x6,8x8,10x10 $22.00 each
Ultratec Silver Gerbs 10x15,12x12 $22.00 each
Ultratec Silver Gerbs 1/2x6, 1/2x12, 1/2x20 $18.00 each
Ultratec Silver Gerbs 1x25 $20.00 each
Ultratec Silver Gerbs 1x35 $25.00 each
Ultratec Silver Waterfall Gerbs 8x8,10x12, 10x15 $21.00 each
Ultratec Whistling Line Rocket (2,3,4 or 5 sec.) $20.00 each

2 Component Flash Powders

Fast Sparkle, Slow Sparkle, Coliseum, Concussion. $28.00/oz
Regular Flash and Airburst Powders $28.00/0z
Flame Powder $42.00/14oz
Airburst- Pre-Made $20.00
Spark Producing Device 9/32", 7/16", 9/16" $22.00 each

Cake Fountain

Cake Fountain -Silver- 40 seconds $1.25 each
Ice Fountain -Silver- 60 seconds $3.00 each


Wizard Devices - Demolition Safety Light $128.00/each

Flash Paper & Devices

Flashpaper (Pack of 4 Sheets) $27.00/pack
Flash Cotton $25.00 / Pack - Special Order
Sparkle String $80.00/ 10m Length
Magicians Wand (single) Call for Pricing
Flint Wheel Flasher $25.00 each
Hand Flash Gun $75.00 each
Double Flash Gun $100.00 each
1.5 or 3 Volt Glo Plug $7.50 each


6" Electric Matches $3.00 each
12" Electric Matches $3.50 each
18" Electric Matches $3.75 each
SureFire - Nichrome Matches $3.25 each
Modular Airburst Harness $15.00 each

Smoke Effects

100 Sec. Colour Smoke Grenade $15.00 each
Colours Available:
100 Sec. Burst Smoke Grenade Red or Blue
$20.00 each
100 Sec. High Output EG18 Grenade White
$20.00 each
120 Sec. White Smoke (Battlefield) Grenade $23.00 each
Colour Smoke Cannon $10.50


Lycopodium Powder $30.00 /4oz
Sun Gel $30.00 /30oz
Coleman Fuel $17.50 /Gallon
EcoHol (Fireplace Insert Refill) $35.00 /4Litres

Used Equipment

Ultratec Prism Flame Projectors

List Price - $5500.00 ea
Our Price - $3500.00 ea
Buy the Pair for - $7000.00 $6000.00 and get a Free custom Roadcase

The Prism Flame Projector is a DMX controlled device that, when used with our Firestorm Flame Fluid, is capable of producing columns of colored flame up to 15' in height. Up to four different colors can be used in the unit at one time. Made of Stainless Steel, the Prism uses compressed air to elevate and aerate the Firestorm Fluid into the propane pilot flame for ignition. The units may be daisy chained together and fired in sync or grouped into different zones for added flexibility and creativity.

SearchLight USA 1000 Watt Xenon Searchlights
15 amp/110 Volt – 1000 Watts

List Price - $6000.00
Amazing Clearance Price - $2500.00
Buy the Pair for - $4000.00

These motorized sweeping heads pan over 250°. Light weight, with adjustable beam angle, they can project a beam of light up to 1 mile high.
They don't require a generator or an electrician - they plug into a standard 15 amp 120 volt power outlet. What could be simpler than that?

32oz F-Style Steel Cans

Caps Included
Over 400 Units Available
$1.00 Each

Kodak 80 Slide Carousel Trays

To Go to a good Home
$1.00 Each

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